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Lock along three Locks road looking south

photo by Tyrone Hemry 2011

Back side of Sherman Threatre looking east on Water Street

A photo of the Mill St. turnbridge with the Chillicothe Bottling Co. (it faced Mill St. between Park St. and present day Yoctangee Blvd.) behind it in 1908, a year after the flood rendered the canal useless forever, lots of ice and debris in the canal bed. Since the canals were wide enough for two boats, a turnbridge in the center could be turned longitudinally to allow a boat to pass and then moved back across the canal to accommodate foot traffic. This was cheaper and more practical than a high arched bridge at each intersection of canal and road and avoided the engineering hurdle and machinery of a drawbridge.

Mark Howell information

The Fourth Street Lock was in The Save and Sack parking lot near Fourth Street

Sherman Theatre was built in early 1918 as a place soldiers could go to see movies. It was located on the old canal bed and tow path.  It was later torn down in mid 50's to widen water street.

Dr. Edward Meggenhofen Obit

Chillicothe News-advertiser 26 August 2016

Ohio and Erie Canal on Water Street, late 1800s looking east

William H. Reed & Co. lumberyards and planning mill, occupying 54-86 E. Water St.

An illustration for an advertisement published in the 1896 promotional booklet on Chillicothe

Marfield Locks and Route 104 North

Playing at the Shermam January 12, 1948

Sherman Theatre at Paint and Water streets

Captain Johnny Reichert of Chillicothe, gathers his family aboard the E. Moore for a photo on the Ohio & Erie Canal at New Portage around 1880.

Ohio & Erie Canal on Yoctangee Parkway looking southeast toward Water St. in Chillicothe. Note the footbridge has fallen into the canal after the abutment on the east side washed out by the flood of 1907

Emmitt Distillery 1846 Chillicothe, OH along canal South of Town

Canal boat Bluebird in dry dock

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The canal was where Three Locks Road goes under the railroad bridge October 2012
photo by Tyrone Hemry
Ohio & Erie Canal path under RR bridge Oct 2012
Photo by Tyrone Hemry

The bridge at the corner of Mulberry and Water was diagonal in the intersection. Both Streets used the same bridge.

Emmitt & Co.'s Scioto Valley Mill Co. Main & Mulberry 1900

This photo was taken of the canal in 1900 from the Second Street bridge looking south towards Main St. in Chillicothe, Ohio. This is the back view of the buildings on the east side of N. Mulberry St. The nearest buiding on the right, 33 N. Mulberry then housed Allen Dump, a carriage manufacturer and bicycle dealer, you can see the carriage making sign at the extreme upper right, later this building housed The Senate restaurant downstairs. The next building at 27 N. Mulberry was Wm. Miller & Son, a flour and feed mill, later know as Bartlett's warehouse and mill which stood until the 1980s, I also have a front view of this mill taken in 1984 posted on here. The short building standing in the present-day alley was the old Hook & Ladder Fire Co. The farthest building still stands, it was the former Emmitt mill (Scioto Valley Flour Mill); the upper front loft was used to store whiskey, and later, canned goods from the Sears & Nicholas plant across Main St., but in 1900 it housed a laundry, a saloon, and a wood buyer's warehouse. You can see the canal bridge at Main St. in the background, which stood in front of the present day VFW post on the north side of Main St. which sits on the canal bed. The far square smokestack is over Emmitt's Mill which was powered by an 80 HP steam engine used to grind grain into flour to ship up the canal to sell on the eastern seaboard.

Mark Howell information

Albers later known by various other names (Food World, County Fair, Great Scot). Now Sack 'N' Save. A grocery store on this corner since 1942.

Chillicothe dam next to 3 locks

George Watkins canal boat out of Wakefield in Pike County at Marfield Mill

Three Locks when they were operating near the old State Dam 8 miles south of Chillicothe, on present day Three Locks Rd.  To the right of the lock gates, nearest to the viewer, is the towpath crossing a small bridge that crosses the feeder canal that was supplied with water impounded by the adjacent state dam.

Chillicothe Lunbeck Dam on Paint Creek 1917

Second Street Bridge over the canal taken from Mulberry Street looking east. The Tip Top Machine Shop is on the left and the Logan Company building on the right.

Chillicothe a random shot of the Ohio and Erie canal

The Fourth Street Lock was in The Save and Sack parking lot near Fourth Street in winter time

The canal boat Duck sat in the canal bed for many years after the canal was no longer used. Fatty Schwartz lived on this boat. The Sherman theatre was later built on this site, It is also gone.

Ohio and Erie Canal Scenes in Ross County
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Lock along three Locks road looking south
photo by Tyrone Hemry 2011

Canal boat Duck when Water street was narrow and bricked.

Engraved stone at Marfield Lock #36

Chillicothe Lunbeck Dam on Paint Creek

A southbound canal boat located next to Kidnocker's farm on U. S. 23 south. Old 23 is on the left.

Canal boat Duck with Power Plant smoke stack showing in background

Marfield Locks close up

The front of Bartlett's mill in the same year, 1984, looking across Mulberry.

Sketch from 1875 Ross County Atlas showing the three locks on Three Locks Road and the state dam. The dam is gone but the three locks are still there.

This foot bridge over the canal was located next to the intersection of Water and Walnut Street

A 1984 pic of the lot behind the old Bartlett's mill and canal warehouse on Mulberry St. where Jenning's used to park their wrecked cars. Canal boats once glided by where these cars are parked.

Chillicothe a random shot of the Ohio and Erie canal

Sherman Theatre interior

This Howe pony truss aqueduct (with the roof and siding removed) was built in 1884 to replace the original aqueduct that carried the canal over Paint Creek from 1832 until 1884, at which time it was lost to flood. 

 Ohio & Erie Canal along Water Street ca. 1858

Ohio & Erie Canal on Water Street looking east

Looking north through what is now Sack & Save's parking lot when the canal was there. The canning factory is on the left and Main street crosses on the bridge.

Street scene in Chillicothe depicts decorations for the celebration of the Ohio centennial, which occurred in 1903.  Note man standing on bridge over the Ohio Erie Canal.

1860 map showing path of the canal in and out of Chillicothe

Weed cutting in canal bed Chillicother News-advertiser 27 Jul 2016

Ohio and Erie Canal Aqueduct at Circleville over Scioto River in winter time

The canal... the buildings... the foundations of burned and missing buildings... muddy Paint St.... marching Civil War soldiers

Looking west down Water Street from Mulberry Street

Lock along three Locks road looking south
photo by Tyrone Hemry 2011

 Canal boat at Standard Elevator

The Fifth Street Lock near the intersection of Fifth and Hickory Streets

The old Standard Elevator  on the NE corner of Paint and Water Sts. prior to its razing in 1987.

Picture taken from the bridge over the canal at the intersection of Water & Mulberry streets of Standard Cereal Mills

Looking east winter of 1895. The one-story building at this end was originally a railroad depot, the taller building  behind became the Marfield Milling Co., and eventually became Standard Elevator.

Engraved stone at Marfield Lock #36

The dedication stone in Lock #36 at Marfield's Mill (in Frenchtown) just north of Chillicothe. The stonecarver misspelled "project" and he had to chisel out and redo the lettering in the cartouche. This historic landmark was declared a menace to the health of Camp Sherman and was dismantled in August, 1917. This stone just sat behind the Public Library for many years before being moved to the back yard of the RCHS museum, where it reposes today. This photo was taken in 1900, you can see the lever that controls the lock gates above the stone

Showing Emmett's Distillery location

Ducks swimming in the Ohio & Erie Canal behind High St. in Chillicothe in 1900.

The Three Locks road went up and over the railroad tracks.  This shows where the road would have been on the south eastern side of the bridge.
photo by Tyrone Hemry October 2012

Contractor Boyd Woodall was in Common Pleas Court vs. the City of Chillicothe. Woodall was seeking $93.37 as his compensation for the removal of a canal bridge. The City felt Woodall had "damaged some of the material" and refused to pay him the full amount. 

In the News 1/3/1916

Lock along three Locks road looking south
photo by Tyrone Hemry 2011

About 1910 Standard Cereal Mills, Chillicothe, OH The wagons are going to the brewery in the center of the picture.

Dr. Meggenhofen died of a broken neck as a result of his car rolling into the canal bed just behind present day V. F. W. club about 1916_fixed

Lock along three Locks road looking south

photo by Tyrone Hemry 2011

                         UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT (1 May 1891 Scioto Gazette)

Last Saturday morning a young man named Drummonds, who has been working on a canal-boat, met with a very unfortunate accident. Just as a train was passing on the N and W, railroad, near the Scioto Valley Grain Co.'s elevator, the young man fell, his left foot being in the way of the train. The result was that a portion of it was badly crushed. As soon as possible, he was brought to the office of the Doctors Waddle, land Dr. Ed. F. Waddle, assisted by Dr. Geo. H. Welch, dressed the injury. It was found necessary to remove two toes.

Canal boat along Park Street in 1900 on a summer day  near the site of the present day high school which stands on canal lands. The house behind the white picket fence is at 346 Park Street. We see Harry Grady by his Jon boat as the canal runs in the foreground.  Yoctangee Parkway now runs over the canal at this location.