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Paint Street looking south from about Water street Note Bergmar's clothiers on left

Ladies crossing East Main Street at Paint in 1940 wearing rubber shoe covers

picture by Rothstein, Arthur, 1940

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Ross County Bank Building c 1920 sat on the south west corner of Paint and 2nd street.  Was torn down to built Krege's Department store.  Kreeges was torn down and replaced with the Law Enforement Center.

Ross County Court House probably 50's or 60's

Paint street looking north

Ross County Court House probably 40s

Ross County Court House built 1858

Paint Street about 1925 with Court house on the left

Court house showing street car tracks and wires  1903 photo by Hathway

Corner of Paint and Main Street. Building on right was replaced by the Huntington Bank in 1903.  The street was paved in brick in 1898

Woolworth's in downtown Chillicothe in the late 1800s

Warner Hotel about 1907

Warner House about 1918

 Paint street in front of Warner Hotel August 1925

Paint Street at night early 1900's

Paint Street looking south from about Water street Note Bergmar's clothiers on left probably before 1915.

Warner House about 1918

"Jacob Warner, proprietor of the Warner House of Chillicothe, is a native of Germany, born in 1830. He was only one year old when brought to America by his parents. In youth he learned the blacksmith's trade and worked at it for some years. He also cut cord wood and did all kinds of hard labor, with the persistence and patient industry so characteristic of the German people. After spending one year in Newark, Ohio, young Warner found his way to Chillicothe , the city that was destined to he the scene of his busy life and his residence for seventy years. Finally he secured a place as bell-boy in a hotel that proved to he the beginning of a successful career. This was fifty years ago, the Maderia House being his first employer, and since then he has had all the ups and downs incidental to the business. From the first humble position he rose by slow but steady degrees until he reached the proprietorship of one of the finest hotels in southern Ohio. For twenty years he conducted a hotel called the Warner House, now the Hotel Carson. Sixteen years ago he took possession of the present Warner House, which is one of the most popular hostelries to he found in any city of the size of Chillicothe or even much larger. It is curious to contrast the past with the present, the then with the now in Mr. Warner's experience as a boniface. When he first essayed the role of hotel-keeper he had but one table in a small room called a "restaurant." He now has forty-five people on his pay roll, and caters only to first class trade. No labor or expense is spared to render the Warner House up-to-date in every detail. It may he said with truth that few men in the United States have had a longer experience at the hotel business than Jacob Warner or better understand it in all its intricacies. In 1856 Mr. Warner married Elizabeth Barr. Their only son, John, died ten years ago at the age of thirty-five. Their daughter Margaret is superintendent of the Warner House since the loss of her mother, who died in 1891." From a 1890 Ross County History

During the early years of the Chillicothe Rotary club they held there meetings at the Warner House.

Mrs. Dr. Harkey Adams makes a specialty of the diseases of women and children. If you have an afflicted wife or child you should not fall to have them consult Mrs. Dr. Harkey Adams on her next regular monthly visit to Chillicothe, May 8th and 9th. Office in parlor at Warner House. 1 May 1891 Scioto Gazette

‚Äč4/29/1916: Interest in the Warner House/Hotel was acquired by a group of investors through the estate of C.A. Sulzbacher and G.B. Warner. The local investing company was comprised of Meyers Cohn, Frank Henn, William Woodrow, Reinhard and Charles Wissler, W.E. Evans, Hector McVictor, D.H. Roche Sr., and G.W.C. Perry. A 10 year lease was obtained from Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Story, who will make repairs and alterations in the old hotel building, the new company is also expected to refurnish the hotel.

Paint Street looking South from Water

Paint Street looking South from Water 

Chillicothe's Paint Street

Paint Street looking South from Water Street, Chillicothe, OH

Paint Street 1875 looking south