Steps down to the spring about 1907

 Mapel Grove with Marty Robbins in 1964​ 

A panoramic photo of the Sulphur Lick Springs resort west of Chillicothe in Ross Co.

Dance Band at Maple Grove Hotel, circa 1946. Marie Trego Wainscot at the piano 

Charles Rowland collection

      Becky Britt reports that the hotel had 8 rooms early 1800, 8 added by 1880 and 8 more added in 1905. 

     She indicated there was a pool and mud bath area and that they hope to fix up spring house in the next 5 years as they took time out to adopt instead.  Plans also are to put on 2 big porches and do the landscaping.

      Becky said she never heard about a gulf course however a neighbor, Linda Bowles, says it was on opposite side of the road part of which is on her land.

Suphur Lick sanctuary-hotel 2008

Sulphur Lick Hotel kitchen in 2005

Sulphur Lick Hotel showing another view of what I believe is left of the spring house

January 10, 2015photo by Tyrone Hemry

Sulphur Lick Hotel showing what I believe is left of the spring house

January 10, 2015photo by Tyrone Hemry

Sulphur Lick Hotel January 10, 2015

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Sulphur Lick Hotel January 10, 2015

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Sulphur Lick Hotel from a postcard dated 1914

Sulphur Lick Springs Kitchen now

"Our family moved into the hotel and purchased it after fixing it up enough to get a bank loan. We have been working on it on and off since 2005. As I type we are working on an attic "apartmentette".
I think your article on our house came from "haunted ohio" or some web site like that. I've called them before to clear up some history. No one was ever killed in this house. I'm sure people died (as it was a health resort) ...  two presidents stayed here (F Roosevelt & ?) and even John Dillinger was thought to have stayed here since this was a great stopping point between Columbus and Indianapolis.
First the Indians were here and they enjoyed the sulphur water. A farm house *early 1800's)  was turned into a hotel in the late 1800's. The last addition was built in 1905. When the depression hit and the trains stopped it caused the hotels in the area to shut down. Water was still sold until 1960. I am the 5th owner.  (1st owner gave to relatives) The 3rd owners used the house for weekend retreat from Dayton and let the girls scouts use it a lot. They were married on the property and bought it when it was in disrepair. The 4th owners were sisters from Chillicothe. They were going to make it into a bed and breakfast but funds were low and maintenance was outrageous by that point.
We purchased the 16 acres for $165,000.  The house had zero value. I had to meet the price of a company who wanted to tear down the hotel and build a subdivision. For the next year we put over $100,000 into repairs. The hotel was only good for wood. We had to do the foundation, roof, windows, doors, siding, electricity, water......everything. Most of it we kept. A few rooms had to be gutted because they were so rotten. Legally we own a residential duplex.
We let women stay here for free. They are women who have a good Christian reference, their own transportation, a job/income. They stay here to save money. (for college, to get their own apt, and even had a couple saving to go on a mission trip-which they did).  The "girls" live in 1/3, we live in 1/3, and we share the middle. The rooms have a Biblical theme. We have an indoor trampoline, rec room, hidden tunnels, etc. It's a great and fun place."  Becky Britt 

1913 picture of the Sulphur Lick Springs dinning room

Baseball field at the Maple Grove Motel

Lobby of Maple Grove Hotel

Spring house at the Sulphur Lick Springs Hotel

Sulphur Lick Springs depot

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Hack at Sulphur Lick Springs Hotel

Road to Sulphur Lick Springs Hotel

 John Myers of Canton purchased the hotel in 1930, upgraded all 65 rooms - adding a bath to each - and promoted it as a health sanitarium.

      Sulphur Lick Springs Hotel, under management of the Maple Grove Mineral Springs Company, adjoining the famous Sulphur Lick Springs.

     "The old, abandoned hotel on Sulphur Lick Road (reachable via Maple Grove Road or Route 550) has long been known as haunted by residents of Ross County. The story goes that a woman, the wife of the owner, found evidence that he had cheated on her, and went berserk over the course of one night. She murdered him, then proceeded to dispatch each of the guests in their rooms. The blood stains can still be seen inside."

                                                                     This story seems to be false
                                                                 2173 Sulphur Lick Rd., Chillicothe, OH

Sulphur Lick Spring Hotel by Todd Clark

Sulphur Lick Springs Hotel with manager, E. E. Getter, on horseback

Maple Grove Springs baseball field

Maple Grove Springs Hotel Lobby in 1909

Maple Grove Springs Hotel near Chillicothe was built in the very early 1900s and was known nationwide as a famous health resort. 14 March 1916  J.H. Culhan, ex-postmaster in Washington CH, will assume management of the Maple Grove Hotel, taking over for A.P. Lynch.

Ross County, OhioFormer Health Resort Hotels

10 Jan 1916   D.W. Getler, manager of the Sulphur Lick Hotel Company purchased the Reynolds Estate in a public auction. The 59 plus acres adjoins the hotel property and was bought for just $1,691.

Sulphur Lick Hotel January 10, 2015

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Sulphur Lick Hotel January 10, 2015

photo by Tyrone Hemry

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