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 Old Majestic Hotel on East Second street, Chillicothe

Hotel Information:

Clinton House (burned in the fire of 1852)

Madeira Hotel (burned in the fire of 1852, The NIPGEN building built in the location in 1876.

Carson Hotel (later became the McCarthy Hotel)

A hotel without a name on the corner of North Paint Street was destroyed in a fire in 1851. A new hotel was built in the same location in 1855. The rebuilding took this long, even though it was started right after the fire in 1851, because of a shortage of labor and material after the fire of 1852. The new hotel was called the Valley House and later, with a new owner, it was called the Emmitt House. Then Jack Warner remodeled in and renamed in the Warner Hotel.

A hotel on Walnut Street was called New Nelson Hotel.

Notice the proprietors: General James Rowe and Son

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Ohio Motel

Green Circle Hotel and Trailer Park

Meyer Motel at 799 Eastern Avenue when US 35 and US 50 ran down Eastern Avenue.

Haynes Hotel Dining room

Valley House then Emmitt House and last Warner Hotel

Warner Hotel

People Inside Henrietta Hotel

Madeira Hotel

Madeira Hotel far right after fire

Hotel Carson later became McCarthy Hotel

Chillicothe former Hotels and Motels