16 June 1916

Students wearing their May Day hats at Mt. Logan school in 1929, Chillicothe

Mt. Logan School being torn down in Feb. 1977

Mrs. Rodgers' first grade class 1952-53 Worthington Elementary.

Eleanor Shearrow Suman standing in schoolroom at the old Eastern School building 1903. John Bliss is in the picture

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Southern School was on the NE corner of Seventh and Walnut Streets (where Lincoln Park is now) and was used/stood until about 1956.
Mount Logan School East Main Street at Douglas Avenue Built: 1927 Demolished:

Chillicothe school room

Central School #1 Paint Street at Sixth Street Built: 1853 Demolished:

Eastern School was located on Bridge Street between Second and Main Streets about 1905

St. Mary's Parochial School

St. Mary's Parochial School about 1917

Eastern School was located on Bridge Street between Second and Main Streets.  Designed by John Cook, in 1872, taken down in 1952 and the fence and the bell were given to Tiffin School. 

Western School Building

Chillicothe Western School about 1919

Central School #2 built 1915-16 now demolished. Picture about 1918

Chillicothe High School about 1908

The West Fifth Street High School was built in 1901 with high school classes held here until 1932. A new high school was then built on Arch street in 1932 and this school became the West Fifth Street Junior high school. The building was torn down in 1974 to make room for a new Central Elementary School.

Chillicothe Central School 1899

Chillicothe OHio Former Schools

Chillicothe  1926, signed Mae Litter.  The school house apparently on Southern Avenue.

Central School No.2 at Paint & Sixth St. in Chillicothe, it was built in 1915-16

Back of picture Florence Worf room in school.  grade 3B 3A 1931-1932 via Heather Miller Booth Florence Worf row 1 3rd from right

John A. Smith High School on Arch Street in Chillicothe which was built on the site of the old Ross Co. Fair Grounds.

 Western School 1918

Chillicothe Central School about 1930

Western School Building

Chillicothe school room

Central School and the Chillicothe Public Library, and a silent sentinel in the street cautioning drivers to go slow. 1940

Vallery Ford....Sunrush Water....Union Stables....AM 660....

Duncan McArthur Elementary School on Columbus Street in Chillicothe, shortly before or after its opening in 1960