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West Second Street in winter

The Owl's Auto Parade in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1909, rolling south on Paint St. past Huntington Bank, first the marchers, then an electric trolley, and then the autos.

The Chillicothe Motorcycle Club posing on Second Street in 1912

The old Ross Co. Fairgrounds entrance building at Arch & Vine St. back when the fairgrounds were in Chillicothe where Smith and Worthington Schools and Herrnstein Track is now

Chillicothe The old [Fire Dept.] Engine House No. 1 on North Mulberry St. in Chillicothe, later occupied by Deeter's Plumbing.

Tip Top Machine Shop in Chillicothe on East 2nd St. in 1907. L to  R Jesse Lott, Geo. Hummel, Philip Young, Joe Wade, Billy Bingham, John Young, Tom Esker

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Chillicothe Feb 1940 clearing snow

photo by Arthur Rothstein

Chillicothe 1930 car transport

Chillicothe Walnut and Second streets

photo by Tyrone Hemry Nov 27, 2012

Chillicothe 1910 baseball team 

Chillicothe Fire Fighters fighting a fire

Chillicothe Hospital c 1924

Chillicothe District Tubercular Hospital

Chillicothe VA Hospital

Chillicothe Hospital c 1918

Chillicothe Faternal Order of Eagles

Chillicothe Fraternal Order of Eagles was located on North Walnut Street in this former Methodist church and even had bowling alleys in it. It was torn down in 1940. The Methodist had built this one in 1850 after a wooden one had burned down on West Second Street. By 1905 They needed a new one so they built a new one on the west corner of Main and Walnut Streets.

 Fox Farm Inn resturant (1924 -1992)

Wiggins House at East Fifth Street at Caldwell

Mountain House from about 1924.

Vernon Barret House

Intersection of Mulberry and Water street before Water Street was widened. The white truck on the left is a Borden's truck , parked beside what was the Wallpaper Store.  The Gulf station is setting on canal land.  This is looking west.

Twin Trees at entrance to country club 1910

Brewer & Brewer first steam shovel covering Honey Creek along Western Ave.

Marzluffs Hill, c 1905

The Water St. hill in Chillicothe in 1905 looking across Western Ave. You can see an uncovered Honey Creek in the left foreground where Moto Oil (or its successor) stands today and the Imperial gas station used to be. Hammond's flour mill would be behind your left shoulder. Notice the power lines on the double crosstree poles and the phone lines on the quadruple crosstree poles, no trunk lines for phones back then.

Second Street, winter 1906

Second Street, looking East from High Street

High street looking north

 Fourth Street 1918

Queen Ann style house built 1894 at 47 East 5th Street, Chillicothe. At time of picture the home was being used as a Bed & Breakfast.

Panoramic view of Chillicothe

West Fifth Street in 1910

View of Chillicothe

Birds eye view of Chillicothe c. 1910

Chillicothe Yester Years

The Fox Farm Inn restaurant (1924 -1992) in Chillicothe in 1950 when Rt. 23 (North Bridge St.) just had two lanes.

The Fox Farm Inn is one of Chillicothe, Ohio's historic treasures. Dr. Jonathan Miesse built the large Federal-Styled home around 1843, on a 1.5 acre tract of land. Later, Dr. Miesse purchased 11 additional acres.

The property changed hands several times after his death in 1885. Scioto Valley Silver Fox Ranch opened in 1924 at the home, hence the name, "Fox Farm." Arthur l. Turnipseed, manager of the ranch, mated pairs of silver foxes and sold them to investors for $1500. The farm was a very popular Sunday afternoon outing during the 1920's, but stayed in business for less than 5 years.

In 1935 Carson Dresbach founded the famous "Fox Farm Inn" restaurant. It changed hands several times over the next 60 years, finally closing its doors permanently in August of 1992.

E.M. Smith Jewelers brought the Historic building back to life when they purchased it in January of 1993. Extensive renovations began in March and the doors of the new E.M Smith Jewelers and Fox Farm Gift Gallery opened on July 2, 1993.

Oil and Battery goes back at least till the early 1920s, closed about in the mid 90s

Orval Gatten collection

West Fourth Street Chillicothe OH Postcard 1918

Chillicothe Elks Club