Model Dairy Chillicothe phone 6966

 William Taylor Pork Packers letterhead 30 Oct 1883

The Union Shoe Co. in Chillicothe ca. 1910. beside RR just a bit north of Main St.

Chillicothe's old Gaffin & Sparks Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable as it appeared in 1907

1904 Sterling Planing Mill & Lumber Co carbon copy Invoice 50 E Water Street

Remember when we had to use carbon paper to make a copy as we typed.

Nov. 13, 1906 The Culter & Seip Co Invoice listing Albert Cutler, Walter Roche, and J. William Best

1917 The Mosher Grocery Co 21 South Paint St. receipt

1947 Schiff's Gulf Station at 5th & Hickory Streets, Chillicothe

Purpero's Super Market on High Street looking South was built in 1950. This area was pretty much farm land at the time. Note the 49 Packard nearest the street owned by Tony Purpero. The store was started by Charles Purpero and later took in his brothers Tony and Frank who came to Chillicothe from Milwaukee. The store opened with two meat cutters Jack Samson & Ott Wetzel and kept three girls busy wrapping the meat, Jackie Ward (Charles's daughter), Rosemary Boles and Rosemary Bowman. Because the owners of the land would not sell, the store was built on land with a long term lease.

Note the Aunt Hattie's bread sign on the store. It was a local bread company at the time.

A little history on Charles Purpero. He first came from Milwaukee to Dayton where he operated a produce place. From there he came to Waverly, Ohio and ran a Italian style restaurant. The restaurant is now a home and it you go west straight past the Senior Citizens center and don't make the curve you will run into the house. This use to be the route 23 into Waverly. The restaurant was turned over to brother Ted and he went to Chillicothe and started peddling fruit. In 1938-1939 he had a store a grocery and produce store at the corner of Water and High Streets. During WWII he had a fruit market at the corner of Paint and Water Street across from the present day Men's Shop.

There was also plans to build a 18 cent hamburger restaurant on High street using part of the hotel next to the current Dairy Queen with the lot that the Dairy Queen is on as the parking lot. The idea was canceled when it was discovered that customers would not be allowed to enter the parking lot off of High Street. Instead Charles son, Bill Purpero came to Piketon and bought a former truck stop restaurant.

photo and information courtesy of Bill Puprero

Chillicothe South Bridge Street Diner

Chillicothe Wagon Works

The Chillicothe Ice Company

Chillicothe Emmitt Distillery

Wissler Brewery ice making machine

Wissler Brewery Company was located on Wissler lane near intersection of Main Street & Western Avenue. The brewery had a Series of underground rooms to store and keep the bear cold.
Antique Vacuum Cleaner made in Chillicothe by Ramey Company in the late 1800s or early 1900s

Ramey Cyclone Saw Mill Blower ad

1870s Foundry Steam Engine made in Chillicothe now at Henry Ford Museum

Chillicothe Foundry Machine Works established in 1852 by William Welsh as sole proprieter until 1865.  He became associated with Robert MeikleJohn and A. C. Ireland.  In 1872 a joint stock company was formed with William Ingram as president. The company manufactured engines and mill machinery..

The ancestor of the Mead Paper Company started out in the paper business in 1846, in Dayton, but did not adopt the name Mead until 1882. Over the decades, Mead diversified into many different businesses and economic sectors, through purchases, mergers and joint ventures. It was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1935.  The paper mill in Chillicothe was bought by Mead in 1890.  See:

Mead Pulp and Paper Company office building 1927

Mead Paper Mill about 1907

 Wissler Brewery, demolished during prohibition

Old Mead Switcher taken out at the National Fireworks Company where they made Navy Ordnance during the WWII period

photo by Tyrone Hemry December 2010

Old Mead Switcher taken out at the National Fireworks Company wher they made Navy Ordnance during the WWII period

photo by Tyrone Hemry December 2010

Chillicothe Buggy Company ad

Wissler Hardware

Bonner and Brothers funeral wagon, cabinet makers, etc located at 82-84 W Main St in Chillicothe, OH around 1900's.

Chillicothe 1940 Majestic Theater

1917 photo of Chillicothe Bottling Co. that faced Mill Street and the old canal bed. Countless bottles of milk and cola were bottled here.

In the News 100 Years Ago 3/41916: The Sears and Nichols Canning Factory was incorporated by the Ohio Secretary of State. Incorporates were F.M. Nichols, W.J. Sears, Clarence H. Sears, and John A. Poland, all of Chillicothe, and Wayne Caldwell of Ashville, and James Riechelderfer, of Circleville. Authorized capital stock was set at $1 million, with $500,000 worth set at 7% preferred. The new “concern” will take over all of the company's factories, including the ones in Chillicothe and in Frankfort.

The Union Shoe Co. in Chillicothe beside RR just a bit north of Main St.

H.W. Cruit's Furniture and Lunbeck Apts. on the SW corner of Main and Mulberry St. in Chillicothe, Trinity Methodist Church is on the right

Construction of the new S. S. Kresge building in 1948 at Second & Paint St. Chillicothe

The National Fireworks Company and where they made Navy Ordnance during the WWII period

photo by Tyrone Hemry December 2010

Factory on East Riverside Street

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Chillicothe Emmitt Distrilery

 ca. 1950s Chillicothe street scene showing Roy's, Hamilton's Produce, Poling's Market, and Clarence Corad's secondhand store.

Old Mead Switcher taken out at the National Fireworks Company where they made Navy Ordnance during the WWII period

photo by Tyrone Hemry December 2010

 April 1876 picture of Lansing Drug Store that was located on the southeast corner of Paint & Second Streets in downtown Chillicothe

 Bonner Hearse 

David J. Coyle, "this is the Velvet Ice Cream building on E. 7th St. As far as I know it's only ever been a dairy, although Good Samaritan Food Network shared the space in later years. Originally it was the Home Dairy Co. and it was a frame building that had the current brick structure built around it."

photo by Tyrone Hemry 4 Dec. 2014.

Goodman's Clothiers in Chillicothe in 1946

1904 C. A. Hertenstein & Co Letterhead

F.W. Woolworth's was in downtown Chillicothe on the east side of North Paint Street in the 1930s

Chillicothe's East End Carry Out as it appeared in 1946

Bonner Funeral home herse

Tuesday 17 Mar 1891 Waverly Courier

D. A. N. S. home supply

photo by Tyrone Hemry 29 Sep 2006

The National Fireworks Company where they made Navy Ordnance during the WWII period

photo by Tyrone Hemry December 2010

Blacksmith shop at the corner of Allen and Piatt Ave in Chillicothe, Ohio. The photo  early 1900's.

William Miller manufacture of finest grades of roller process flour letterhead Feb. 6,1884

Hudson automobile dealership on West Water St. at Chillicothe, Ohio in Ross Co. at Herrnstein & Walsh Auto Sales.

 Chillicothe Ross Co. Bank on the SW corner of Paint and Second Sts. as it appeared ca. 1895. It was torn down in the late 1940s to build S.S. Kresge's, which lasted until the 1980s​. 

Hamelberg's on South Paint St. was torn down in 1966 to build the Paint Bar & Grill

The Knecht Brewery on the north side of East Water St. at Chillicothe, Ohio  

Mark Howell collection

Ebenhack's Furniture Store on East Main Street in Chillicothe.  I am thinking they closed some time in the 1980s.

Sears & Nichols Canning Factory 1917 located where Sack & Save is on Main Street. They canned about anything a farmer could bring to town.

Chillicothe Dr. Yaple's dentistry office in the 1920s at Paint & Main with Clara Debord.

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NCL restaurant on North Paint St. in Chillicothe at the right of the photo next to Gaynor's. Also shown is Herrnstein Hardware, Johnson's Army-Navy Surplus, and Fisher's

First National Bank, 27 W Second St. In operation from 1 January-1863 to 30 June 1979

D.A.N.S. Home Supply Center Paint Street, Chillicothe

The National Fireworks Company where they made Navy Ordnance during the WWII period

photo by Tyrone Hemry December 2010

Chillicothe's former business

Note location of Emmett's Distillery along the canal

Some 47 employees (canners, foremen, supervisors) of the Sears and Nichols Canning Factories (Chillicothe, Frankfort, Morral, Amanda, Ohio and Bentwater, Mi.) will meet this week in Chillicothe.

In the News 1/3/1916