The Lutheran Center at Camp Sherman

west abutment of the Camp Sherman suspension bridge and the roadway

Camp Sherman on side lines during regimental review

The Jewish Welfare Center at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman Library

Soldiers of the 322nd Field Artillery Supply Company unloading a train at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe,  Ohio, May 2, 1918

Photo by Null M. Hodapp.

Camp Shermans Infantry....organized on Paint St before the courthouse. ~ 1918

The D. A. R. Lodge at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman Another view of the camp's hospital complex and the train depot (with some soldiers out there it looks like)  

Rami Yoakum collection

Y. M. C. A. Auditorium west of the library in section F. at Camp Sherman

The Scioto Valley behind present day V. A. Hospital in 1890

Camp Sherman

The Information Desk during WW I at the B&O and N&W Union Depot at Chillicothe

one of eleven Y. M. C. A. Buildings like this one at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman Library interior. Note arrow points to Burton Stevenson at the library desk

Camp Sherman YMCA men outside

This Camp Sherman Community House burned down in 1920

The Knights of Columbus Hall across the street from the Post Office at Camp Sherman

The WW I Army training Camp Sherman pontoon bridge over the Scioto River a bit north of Chillicothe, Ohio. This bridge stood from 1917 until 1919, when it was replaced by a suspension bridge.

Interior of Camp Sherman Community House

Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio page 3

Camp Sherman Thanksgiving menu 1917

Suzy Parker collection

This was officers Club No. 1 on North Paint Street, Chillicothe near the Sherman Theatre

The old Philips farmhouse was used as headquarters for Camp Sherman. During war of 1812 the house served as headquarters for Camp Bull, a British prisoner of war camp.

Camp Sherman Knights of Columbus Auditorium & Post Office

another view of the old Philips farmhouse

Knights of Columbus Hall Just after Mass

Camp Sherman colored soldiers 4th of July 1918 on Paint Street

The Salvation Army Cabin was located in Frenchtown

Camp Sherman. You can tell they hadn't perfected the sealing of large flat roofs yet so the large buildings have pitched roofs at small, regular intervals to assure proper runoff.

Camp Sherman theater

one of eleven Y. M. C. A. Buildings like this one at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman lined up for mess

Camp Sherman train depot at the Camp Hospital, which are the buildings in the background. The location is up near where the ODOT garage is along US 35  

Rami Yoakum collection

Captains at Camp Sherman June 1918

Camp Sherman bathing houses exterior view

Information booth in foyer of Ross County Court House
The Episcopal Church at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman, Steam Laundry, World War I

Camp Sherman Red Cross Community House.  It burned down in 1920.

The main wing of the Community House at WW I Army training Camp Sherman at Chillicothe, Ohio 

Camp Sherman officers Club #2 was on Market Street, Chillicothe behind City Hall

Camp Sherman, the Army training camp just north of Chillicothe in 1917; the first nail of the first building is driven.

 Camp Sherman hospital complex also (40 some buildings total). You can see the railroad tracks in the lower left corner, and the rest of the camp in the background.

Rami Yoakum collection 

Display of Camp Sherman troops on Paint Street at Second, Chillicothe in 1917

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Y. M. C. A. Hostess House at Camp Sherman was in Section N, now Mound City

Community House in the winter