Display of Camp Sherman troops on Paint Street at Second, Chillicothe in 1917

Camp Sherman colored soldiers 4th of July 1918 on Paint Street

another view of the old Philips farmhouse

The D. A. R. Lodge at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman Library

The Episcopal Church at Camp Sherman

The Lutheran Center at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman Knights of Columbus Auditorium & Post Office

The Scioto Valley behind present day V. A. Hospital in 1890

The Salvation Army Cabin was located in Frenchtown

Knights of Columbus Hall Just after Mass

The Knights of Columbus Hall across the street from the Post Office at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio page 3

Camp Shermans Infantry....organized on Paint St before the courthouse. ~ 1918

one of eleven Y. M. C. A. Buildings like this one at Camp Sherman

Interior of Camp Sherman Community House

Camp Sherman Library interior. Note arrow points to Burton Stevenson at the library desk

Community House in the winter

The Jewish Welfare Center at Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman on side lines during regimental review

Y. M. C. A. Hostess House at Camp Sherman was in Section N, now Mound City

The old Philips farmhouse was used as headquarters for Camp Sherman. During war of 1812 the house served as headquarters for Camp Bull, a British prisoner of war camp.

Camp Sherman officers Club #2 was on Market Street, Chillicothe behind City Hall
one of eleven Y. M. C. A. Buildings like this one at Camp Sherman
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Camp Sherman YMCA men outside

This Camp Sherman Community House burned down in 1920

This was officers Club No. 1 on North Paint Street, Chillicothe near the Sherman Theatre

Information booth in foyer of Ross County Court House
Y. M. C. A. Auditorium west of the library in section F. at Camp Sherman