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Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad through Chillicothe in 1860

B & O Switcher #9423

The B&O RR National Limited makes a stop at the Chillicothe depot in the evening of November 5, 1938. The Pullman car Villa Falls is seen in the foreground.

      The Marietta & Cincinnati was founded as the Belpre and Cincinnati Railroad (B&C) in 1845. The destination of the B&C was changed from Belpre to Marietta, Ohio and in 1851 the name of the railroad was changed to The Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad.  The company entered bankruptcy in 1858, from which it emerged in 1860.
     On March 2, 1846, the Hillsboro and Cincinnati Railroad Company was incorporated and the road of the company, thirty-seven miles in length, was purchased by the Marietta and Cincinnati Company and became a part of the main line of that company.

​     The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad (C H & D) was acquired by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in December 1917.

      A well-known C.H.& D. engineer was killed when his train jumped the track near Frankfort. Frank B. Shobe, 55, of Dayton died when, for the second time in a day, his train derailed. The engine left the tracks at the Wilson-Lively curve about 1.5 miles east of Byers. A fireman named Blessing jumped from the engine and was unhurt. Shobe was pinned in the cabin and killed instantly. “His body was mashed to a pulp between the knees and chest.” Wrote the News-Advertiser. “Boiling water escaping from the engine boiler cooked his crushed remains.” It took section men two hours to remove Shobe’s body from the wreck. Ten years earlier Shobe had escaped a similar wreck. While four passengers had been injured in the previous accident at Washington C.H., none was injured this time. The train we moving very slowly when the engine derailed, and all the passengers felt was a mild shock. B&O and C.H. & D. “wreck trains” responded and cleared the tracks. Shobe was born in the western part of Concord Township, near Austin, the son of Abraham Shobe. His mother (no name given) was the daughter of Jacob Slagle, one of the biggest landowners in Ross County. Shobe was an engineer for 35 years, and between runs often stopped at the Southern Hotel on S. Paint St. Shobe was a “man of thrift” and owned several farms, including one in Concord Twp. that is valued at $30,000

Chillicothe News-Advertiser 15 July 1916

B & O shop improvement Chillicothe News-Advertiser 17 Oct 1916

The old B & O railroad tower at West Junction. It was on the main line of the railroad in the southeast corner of Ross county. The train is the Chessie Steam Special that was touring Ohio back in the 1970s. This picture was taken by a man who chased it all over southern Ohio on a motorcycle. The main line is gone now. It came into Ross county on the southeast and exited on the west. There was a depot here as well as a store at one time. Everything is gone now except the rail line that you can see curving. The train was on the main line which went straight ahead.

B & O cabooses in Chillicothe Aug 74

An October 5, 1938, night view of roundhouse in the Chillicothe, Ohio B & O rail yard.

B & O Chillicothe  Switcher #9610 Aug 1974

Marietta & Cincinnati RR Stock. Chillicothe, OHIO. 1863

B & O RR Shop men at the Chillicothe rail yards in Ross Co. around 1920. The photo was from Charles O Connor, in 1977  he could still identify the following the men: #5, John Bates; #7, Jim Shane; #14, Thurman Schachtele; #18, Ed Reeves. Others: Fred Darding (white shirt), third row; Otto Orth; Mike Bickel; and "Grump" Hyson, and with the watch chain at the left was  Benny  Bernard Madru, expert machinist.

Rail Roads busy

Chillicothe News-Advertiser 17 Oct 1916

Marietta & Cincinnati RR Engine No. 70, a 4-4-0, on the turntable at Chillicothe ca. 1864.

News-Advertiser Aug 9, 1916

C H & D water tower at Ray 1906

B&O Engine #1076 getting a drink at the Chillicothe yards in Ross Co. This photo dates to around 1900 and shows the engine and crew beside the oil and sand house.  B & O built this engine at their Mt. Clare shops in Baltimore in 1881 as engine No. 492. At these same shops it was rebuilt in 1896 and became No. 1076.

B & O Camp Car XM2702 May 1978

Chillicothe News-Advertiser on May 12, 1916

A locomotive and a dump car at the railroad tipple in Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe

Londonderry Station in 1860 (now Vigo)

A railroad switching crew on the platform by mainline track at the Chillicothe depot around 1900 with engine #1076

B & O schedule

Chillicothe News-Advertiser 10 July 1916

Chillicothe News-Advertiser 28 Jan 1916 

The News-Advertiser (7 Sep 1916) is reporting that big improvements are coming to local B&O and C.H. & D. railways (which B&O now controls). Among the improvements are to be raising the C.H. & D. bridge over the Scioto River by several feet, along with raising the approaches and relaying much of that section of track. It is also rumored that a “cut off” south of the city, which has been planned for several years, will join the B&O and C.H. & D. lines. D.F. Bowman of Cleveland will be acting as lead inspector during the work, and he has been in town looking for a home for himself and his family.

Amtrac at Chillicothe Union Station 

Chillicothe News-Advertiser C H & D phone system 26 Oct 1916

Chillicothe News-Advertiser RR willing 24 Feb 1916

B & O switchers at Chillicothe

B & O RR machine shop at Chillicothe ca. 1900. Notice the many leather belts running from the line shaft pulleys to the machines below.

Mark Howell collection

A Marietta & Cincinnati RR engine on the turntable at Chillicothe around 1864.

Union Depot

When the Amtrak passenger train ran through between Washington, DC and Cincinnati, Ohio until October,1981 the operating crews (T&E) were based out of Chillicothe work to Cincy and the passenger T&E crews were based out of Parkersburg, WV and work to Chillicothe.
                                                                  photo curtsey of JVWJR

B & O S-W blacksmith men at Chillicothe about 1910

B & O bridge built 1940 over old Rt. 35 Richmon Dale looking south

photo by Tyrone Hemry 2016

 In the News 100 Years Ago Today, 8/10/1916: Both the B&O and C.H. & D. railroads will remove bridges over the old canal after the Ohio Department of Public Works gave them permission to do so. B&O will replace a bridge over the canal on the west side of town with fill and an eight-foot culvert, while the C.H. & D. will do the same thing at one of its crossings east of town near Renick’s. This move by the state apparently signals an end to the rumors that a new train or traction line would be built on old canal route.

Chillicothe News-Advertiser

B & O Union Depot, Chillicothe, Ohio

27 Mar 1916

Chillicothe News-Advertiser Willson on B&O 23 Oct 1916

The collapsed B&O iron spider bridge over the Scioto River by Chillicothe at Christmas, 1990

General car foreman and staff, B&O-SW Railroad, Chillicothe, 1908. Standing unknown, Dowel Long, Chas. Erich, William Warren, and Chas. Minch. Seated Vint Matthews, Billy Ottman, Roman O'Brien, and Jim Hutt.

Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-0 Steam #1588, Chillicothe, OH 1 June  1934

Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-0 Steam #1594, Chillicothe, OH 1 June  1934

Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-0 Steam #426, Chillicothe, OH 1 June 1934

30 Oct 1909 view of the C H & D depot and yards, Coppel Coal Co. with Paint street in the foreground. Schachtele home is on the right.

Melissa J Bray photo collection

Chillicothe before the over pass that was built in the 1960s

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Chillicothe Sugar Street Depot

William Carroll Bush the C & O fireman killed in explosion.

C & O Train Explosion 12 May 1948 3 dead two miles south of Chillicothe, OH

B & O 5049 Express 1955 wreck near Chillicothe, White is remains of a pick up

Chesapeake and Ohio Train wreck in 1932 at Mount Logan

Coal Tipple in Yoctangee Park​
photo by Tyrone Hemry September 2011

Union Station about 1918

Union Station about 1973

Union station a couple days after the fire on Wednesday February 8, 2012 The station had been around for about 140 years.

photo by Tyrone Hemry February 2012

Chillicothe Union station about 1917. Note soldiers probably coming or going to Camp Sherman

Chillicothe Union Train Station

photo by Brian Woodruff from the collection of JVWJR
The special trains started in 1977 to celebrate the B & O's 150th anniversary. The engine was damaged in a fire in 1979, so this was taken in 77 or 78.

Chillicothe B & O yards about 1948

Photo was in the 1948 city master plan, and John Grabb included it in his book on the M&C and B&O

B & O engine #1535

Photo curtsey of Jim Davis from a collection his mother had apparently from when she worked at the round house in the 1940's

B & O Riverside Street siding in area of the Standard Elevator near entrance to Yoctangee Park. The child is Jim Davis, around 8 years old making the photo taken around 1950

Photo curtsey of Jim Davis

Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Steam #4305 Chillicothe OH in May 5, 1940.

President Herbert Hoover giving a speech at the B & O Depot in Chillicothe

picture via Mark Howell
His Remarks:  CHILLICOTHE, OHIO ( 10:37 a.m. ) October 28, 1932 "It was very generous of you to come down and give this greeting so early in the morning. It has been only, I think, 4 days since I visited this city. I am glad to see that you are constant in your support to the campaign that we are carrying on. BY STANDER. We are going to reelect you, Mr. Hoover. THE PRESIDENT. That is the right spirit, but you are not reelecting me. You are reelecting the Republican Party."Note: The President was en route to Indianapolis, Ind., where he was scheduled to make a major campaign address. Times provided for the President's remarks are approximations based on his itinerary.

South Paint Street B & O Depot on South Paint Street (near the paper mill and across the tracks from where Cellar Lumber once did business). It has been many years since passengers boarded.

Former B & O S & W locomotive at Chillicothe

B & O Engine # 1508 a 2-8-0 built September 1897 by Pittsburg Locomotive Works on the turntable at Chillicothe

B & O yard gang about 1920's. Only known is short man front row with hands crossed is my grandfather John Wesley Hamilton. He worked in Chillicothe yards.

Photo curtsey of Jim Davis

Shareholder meeting September 15, 1853

C H & D train near Sulfur Lick Springs Hotel

C H & D railroad men tightening up the turnbuckles as a train runs across the new C H & D  bridge over the Scioto River east of Chillicothe in 1877. The wooden Kilgore Bridge in the background burned down in 1878. A steel bridge replaced this wood bridge.

C H & D depot at Chillicothe  with engine # 137

South Paint Street Depot on South Paint Street (near the paper mill and across the tracks from where Cellar Lumber once did business)

Chillicothe RR crew 1915

C H & D, B & O, and C & O  Railroads in Ross Co., Ohio

C H & D wreck on turntable in Chillicothe 23 August 1910

Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad was incorporated 2 March 1846 and acquired by the B & O December 1917

1875 Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad in Chillicothe c 1875 with Engine #62