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"That truck stop and gas station belonged to my uncles, Sam and Arnold Cydrus.  My parents ran the truck stop for years, until the state built the highway." Starla Stimmer

Ryan Poole 
My dad, Russ Poole, took the pictures for the Mead Reporter Flood Edition. He also edited the magazine. Bud Benson was the photographer for the Reporter, but it was my dad and Buzz Knoles who rode around in old Jeepster and snapped these pics. Just a little side note!
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Looking north from the intersection of Hickory and Race Streets Friday morning.

Evidence of the water's force on Rt. 23 just north of the bridge.

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The intersection of Madison Avenue, Fourth and Wade Streets Friday morning.

Guardrails and heavy post were ripped off and twisted out of shape along Rt. 23

Flood waters flood waters smashed Rt. 23 north ripping out the highway dividers and hurling them against the east side guardrails.

Flooded section east of Douglass Avenue

Gilmore Street

Receding waters Saturday morning left this boat high and dry at the corner of Madison and Douglas Avenues.

Boat belonged to Dencil Bailes.  He had to be rescued from the roof of his house according to his daughter Beverly Jean Alley.

Madison Ave., showing sever damage and a stranded truck Saturday morning.

Adams Ave. at Douglas Saturday morning.  Swift currents in this area Thursday night and Friday morning caused several rescue boats to upset. Mrs. Margery Hawk, 64, of 943 Columbus Street, died of exposure after a boat rescuing her upset.

Owner Truman Morris of WBEX carried around-the-clock flood bulletins

Currents estimated at 22 m.p.h. caused this damage to Jackson Ave. near Jefferson.

Looking north Friday morning toward Bridge Street bridge and Chillicothe Manor

East Main Street with sandbag barricade at Wade Avenue

Riverside Street looking west from Bridge toward Hickory Street at dawn Friday.

      The 1959 flood paralleled the 1913 flood although the crest of 32.55 feet fell short of the 1913 record of 37 feet.  Both times, and in the same order, the Scioto blasted holes in the East End dike, overran the sandbag levee behind Riverside Street, and seeped through the B. & O. Railroad fill into Yoctangee Park.

     A state of emergency was declared at 11:40 p.m. Thursday, January 23, when water crossed Route 23 a half mile north of the river.  The East End evacuation began at 12:20 a.m. Friday, when the dike behind Basic Construction Company collapsed in two places.  By 1:00 a.m. orders were issued to clear the city east of Jackson Avenue.  By dawn water broke over the Riverside Street levee.  The city was then evacuated east of Hickory Street.  About 10 a.m. water gushed under the railroad embankment into the city park. At 6:00 a.m. the water crested and covered practically all of the city east of Watts Street and as far south on Hickory as Main Street. Damage estimates was $8 million with one dead, about 1,350 homes flooded and thousands evacuated.

Information and pictures are from the March 1959 Mead Reporter

January 1959 Chillicothe, OH Flood

The color shaded area indicates the flooded area.

Jefferson Avenue Friday morning looking east toward Douglass Avenue