1913 Chillicothe flood corner of Hickory and Main Street

Chillicothe 1913 flood list of dead

Rami Yoakum's photo

Looking south on 4th street March 1913

Ewing Street looking South from 5th March 30, 1913.  The building being shored up is still  at Ewing and 4th. You can see the different-colored brick used in the repair.

Canal aqueduct over Paint Creek after the 1913 flood.

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West 2nd Street

West 2nd Street

March 1913 Flood damage on Hickory Street looking south from 4th Street

West Water Street

1913 Chillicothe flood North on Hickory from 4th Street

1913 Chillicothe Flood North Paint Street

1913 Chillicothe flood West 2nd Street

1913 Chillicothe Flood Hickory St South from 5th street

1913 Chillicothe Flood Hickory between 4th & 5th street

1913 Chillicothe Flood Hickory at 4th street

1913 Chillicothe Flood East Main Street

1913 Chillicothe Flood Bellview & West 5th Street

1913 Chillicothe Flood Corner 4th Ewing

The statewide extent of death and destruction in the Flood of March 23-27, 1913 exceeds all other weather events in Ohio history, justifying the title of "Ohio’s greatest weather disaster." Rainfall over the state totaled 6-11 inches and no section was unaffected.  Most of  Chillicothe was under water.

Chillicothe, Ohio March 1913 Flood
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Vonacken's Grocery, E Ewing & 4th Streets, Chillicothe, March 26, 1913 Flood

March 1913 Flood damage around Poland Park, Chillicothe

Looking south on Ewing Street

Looking North from 2nd Street on Paint Street

March 1913 Flood damage on Hickory Street looking toward Main Street